Elkwinkarma — Undead Warlock, Guild Leader, Technologia

Report — And so it begins

My name is Elkwinkarma, a Warlock in the service of the Undead, fighting on the side of the Horde against the zealous rabble of the Alliance. By circumstance and happenstance beyond my control, I have been designated the leader of Technologia, a guild of brave fighters in the World of Warcraft in the land known as Azeroth.

After the trauma of being ripped from the restful repose of death, you might say I have acquired a little attitude. This rage-fueled intensity may have been interpreted as leadership skill, which accounts for my quick and decisive ascendancy to guild leader. Of course, my ability to summon demons from other planes of existence may have been a factor.

After initial training around my new home, The Undercity, I have taken the battle directly to the vile humans and their arrogant pursuit of truth and light, as if they would know it if they saw it. After dispatching the farmers of Hillsbrad, I have been tasked with terminating the services of several blacksmiths found in that despicable human village.