The field of information technology is fluid and ever-changing. New technologies are constantly invented, and niches to existing specialties created. How is the already harried CTO or IT Manager to make sense of it all?

This is where we hope to be of help. We will scour the Web regularly to bring you the latest statistics and figures that are relevant to the IT decision maker such as yourself. The statistics might come from analysts the likes of Gartner or the Yankee Group, research from private researchers, white papers, even the results of polls taken by TechRepublic members.

While we certainly won’t be able to dispense advise on arcane topics such as the number of virtual machines you can safely squeeze into a physical box, we hope at least to tell you what your peers are doing.

IT by the Numbers is all about statistics and numbers, presented in a concise package to help you along. After all, numbers can’t lie.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment, or write-in directly to me.