Not every tech innovation is born in Silicon Valley – the UK and mainland Europe are crammed with exciting and innovative technology companies and smart developers working on what could be the next big thing.

Our team of reporters working out of London will keep you up to date with the latest mobile, software and enterprise technology developments, plus all the other big tech news from the UK and mainland Europe, and what it means for you – because what happens in Europe doesn’t stay in Europe.

As well as keeping an eye out for innovative upstarts, we’ll be watching tech giants such as Nokia and SAP, and all the other European technology companies that will have an impact on you and your organisation.

On top of that we’ll be reporting on the big tech trends emerging from Europe and heading for the global stage. For example, in the UK right now we’re seeing a huge amount of excitement about Tech City – a technology innovation hub in the East End of London. Meanwhile, across Europe there’s a lot of interest in – and use of – open source software and we’ll be reporting on that, too.