The Geekend is planning on getting bigger and better in the coming months, so your friendly neighborhood Trivia Geek has called in reinforcements to help make this the most geekworthy blog on all the intarweebs. Behold, your newest Geekend bloggers:

  • AlanGeek – Winner of TechRepublic’s 2003 “Top Geek” contest (we really should do that again), Alan is also our resident self-taught musician, RC plane pilot, and recovering REXX coder. Just don’t ask him about his misspent youth as a laser technician.
  • BFilmFan – Jerry is our wandering IT consultant, who just happens to be one of the TR community’s biggest aficionados of schlock cinema, comic books, and science fiction. Anybody who can go toe-to-toe with the Trivia Geek in a “best graphic novels” discussion is all Geekend.
  • Bill Ward – Our resident rocket scientist, Bill is the guy who politely corrects all my glaring errors in Geek Trivia, at least where physics, space flight, or NASA are concerned. He also knows a little something about artificial intelligence, so with any luck he’ll have Geekend writing itself in a few months.
  • Eric Brinley – By day, he’s a developer in CNET’s Outbound Media Group. By night, he’s a soccer player/skater-boy/artist/Flash animator/video gamer/toy collector/zombie-movie fanatic. He also has the most action-figure-laden cubicle in all of the TechRepublic offices, and that’s saying something.
  • Eve Lee – TechRepublic’s resident Mac fanatic (every blog needs at least one) and the lead geekstress on our newsletter team, Eve is here to remind us of the forgotten corners of Geekdom that the mainstream Geek Media (we’re looking at you, Wired) seem to overlook.
  • HutchTech – David is our veteran technoblogger, having fought the geek fight on his own well before TechRepublic harnessed his powers for our own ends. Your typical tech consultant/gadget fanatic, ask him about his “home automation” projects sometime.
  • jmgarvin – To all you maligned and mistreated Linux gamers out, Professor Garvin has your back. When he’s not working on porting your favorite titles to PenguinTech, you’ll find him coding high-end streaming media and wireless apps, in between his CompSci PhD research and his job teaching the next generation of NetAdmins.
  • Mark Kaelin – A Senior Editor for TechRepublic’s Content Team (you’ll see his byline all over TR), Mark is also the Guild Leader for Technologia, TR’s official World of Warcraft player’s group. He’s your IT everyman.