Viewing DVD-quality movies live over the Internet is still a pipe dream, but streaming video and other forms of new media are now part of the technology landscape and becoming factors that CIOs cannot afford to ignore.

News reports, conference presentations, interviews, and other valuable information are now available online in streaming audio and video formats. Wireless technologies are emerging as a way to deliver text and streaming data anywhere at anytime, with handheld PCs capable of displaying AVI video clips and mobile phones that can download and play MP3 audio files.

But how do CIOs keep track of the new media revolution? And how do you set an IT and business strategy that keeps your enterprise on the cutting edge during this rapid evolution and convergence of technologies?
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My New Media Roundtable column in the CIO Republic can help you stay ahead of the game through a pipeline of information created exclusively for IT executives and managers. The New Media Roundtable will combine online interaction and responsive reporting to give you an overview of key issues and decisions facing IT organizations on the new media front.

Post a comment to this article and let me know what you want to know more about. Then I’ll do the research, call the analysts, attend the conferences, and scour the Web looking for the answers to your questions. I’ll also provide a forum where you can share your experiences and insights regarding new media with other IT decision makers.

Think of New Media Roundtable as an executive think tank, with you and your peers its exclusive members. I’ll do the legwork and report my findings in an easy-to-read executive summary format. (But hey, I reserve the right to express my own opinions along the way.)

Quarterly updates and Roundtable reports
Here’s how it will work. Four times a year, I will compile a New Media Roundtable Quarterly Update, which will be available as a download and will review key events of the past quarter, look ahead to the next one, and identify issues currently facing IT organizations. Over the next week, subscribers to the New Media Roundtable TechMail will be asked to rank topics in relative importance to their IT organizations. Those survey results will determine the topics we cover in New Media Roundtable for the next three months.

The New Media Roundtable will convene weekly in the CIO Republic. We will kick off every month with an in-depth report on that month’s topic. The next week, we’ll feature an interview with a new media industry insider, asking questions submitted by subscribers to the New Media Roundtable TechMail.

We’ll continue the month by looking at one or more case studies submitted by New Media Roundtable TechMail subscribers, examining how they dealt with that month’s topic in a real-world scenario. We’ll wrap up each month with a summary of all the community discussions spurred by roundtable sessions.

Putting new media to work
The topics we’ll discuss at the New Media Roundtable will always be specific to IT, providing practical information to help you achieve three goals:

  • Effectively plan and implement new media projects on internally and externally targeted Web sites
  • Design and administer organizational policies related to new media use by employees at your company
  • Identify and leverage Web resources that use new media to provide information valuable to IT strategists like you

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TechRepublic cofounder and Executive Contributing Editor Jeff Yocom is on a mission to help IT executives and managers leverage new media in all its forms: streaming audio, digital video, wireless—you name it. Yocom searches the virtual and real worlds for new media developments and engages TechRepublic members in discussions to keep you up-to-date on real-world applications of new media technologies.

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