So much of being an IT professional revolves around either knowing how to do something or knowing how to find out how to do something. This blog aims to be one of your primary resources for finding out the exact procedure you need to follow to achieve a specific goal. Each blog entry will show you the commands, screenshots, wizards, configurations, and procedures necessary for success.

The TechRepublic How do I… blog will also be a conversation. I want to know what How do I… you would like to see in the blog. If you think you have a How do I that other TechRepublic members would be interested in, I want to publish it. If we publish a How do I… and you think you have a better way to achieve the same result, I want hear about that too.

The TechRepublic How do I… blog is all about practical tutorials to solve your practical problems; step-by-step procedures to help you achieve a specific result. I am looking forward to it, I hope you are too.