In August 2006, blogger Tony Patton offered a list of his must-have applications and asked other developers to discuss what was in their toolbox. We thought it would be interesting to get a current snapshot of what TechRepublic members deem as essential items in their development toolboxes. (Well, we have some idea about where you stand on RIAs, thanks to the recent poll by Justin James.)

But first, we highlight developer tools that IT pros have praised recently on TechRepublic.

Check out these developer tools

TechRepublic blogger Jack Wallen discusses the features of 10 Linux and open source developer tools you should not overlook. Three of the tools Jack references are Bluefish, Glade, and Kdevelop.

Also, two developers shared their list of essential items in the Susan Harkins post, 10+ IT pros share the utilities and tools they can’t live without. Here are their lists (comments in quotes belong to the IT professional):

Steve Erbach, software development

Steve Erbach supplies custom software for the printing industry. With a lot of responsibilities, Erbach uses a lot of tools:

  • NoteTab: Award-winning text and HTML editor.
  • HardCopy: Screen capture utility. “…relaxed shareware license…”
  • Paint.NET: Image and photo editing software.
  • ColorPic: “Superb” pop-up color picker control for Web pages.
  • Irfanview: Fast graphic viewer for Windows.
  • Windows Grep: Graphical text search and replace tool.
  • CPU-Z: Quickly review information about system’s devices.
  • FireBug: Web debugging tool. “… absolutely outstanding…nothing beats the DOM information and JavaScript debugging…”
  • SpinRite: Data recovery.
  • AutoHotKey: Automate keystrokes and mouse clicks. “…full-featured for recording mouse movements and keystrokes.”
  • Process Explorer: Lets you see which handles and DLL processes are open. “Excellent and detailed information…”
  • FileMon and Process Monitor: Monitor Windows.
  • RootkitRevealer: Rootkit detection utility.
  • Belarc Advisor: Profile system – iInstalled software, hardware, missing hotfixes, antivirus status, security benchmarks, and more.
  • WinPatrol: Improve system performance.
  • Win2PDF: Install PDF functionality as a printer.
  • XML Notepad 2007: Browse and edit XML documents.
  • MZ-Tools: Enhanced more than a million driver update files.
  • Disktective: Disk-space reporting.
  • KeePass: Password manager.
  • ToDoList: NET-based to-do list.
  • TreePad: Personal Information Manager (PIM).

Karen Rosenstiel, Web developer

Karen Rosenstiel designs and develops Web sites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, with an expertise in accessibility features. Her list is short, but specific to her detailed work:

  • UltraEdit: “…an excellent all-around programming editor.”
  • UltraCompare: Compare and merge files, directors, documents, zip archives, and so on.

Share your list

Now that you’ve read about other IT pros’ favorites, discuss the essential items in your development toolbox.

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