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VMware Workstation 5 is the latest released version of VMware’s virtual machine software. VMware Workstation allows you to run multiple operating systems on one physical PC that creates a virtualization layer between the host operating system and the guest operating system.

With VMware, you can test and develop applications and/or operating systems fixes. The options are limitless as to what you can do within a virtual machine. You can download an evaluation copy to begin working with this product. You will not be sorry; it’s addictive.

Common Tasks

With VMware Workstation 5, you perform the following tasks:

  • Install experimental operating systems such as Windows Vista Beta 1 in a virtual machine.
  • Install many Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SuSe, and Mandrake.
  • Take multiple point-in-time snapshots of a virtual machine for testing purposes and revert back to a any snapshot at will.
  • Suspend and Resume virtual machines on the fly.
  • Move virtual machines from one computer to the next seamlessly.
  • Create complex virtual networks to mimic any network configuration that you desire.
  • Take screen shots of virtual machines for documentation or other knowledgebase needs.
  • Create Teams of virtual machines to simulate client/server technology or any type of development environment.
  • Clone virtual machines to make sharing them with your coworkers simple.
  • Record any actions within a virtual machine.




Easy Installation VMware Workstation is very simple to install. A wizard walks you through the installation in a few steps.
Popular VMware is becoming very popular for testing and developing applications among developers and system administrators.
Virtual Networking There is no other virtualization software that allows you to take advantage of networking in such a manner.
Support for Linux VMware Workstation has great support for Linux. If you want to test Linux distributions, VMware Workstation is the way to go.
Certification In the past, you had to have multiple computers to study for certifications. Now, all it takes is one powerful computer with plenty of disk space and memory and you can meet all of your certification needs by running a virtual network of computers.
Cost You can own a downloaded copy for as little as $189.00




Memory In order to run multiple virtual machines, you need to have plenty of memory. A Windows XP with VMware Workstation running should have at least 1GB Mb or more to run virtual machines concurrently.
CPU A powerful CPU is necessary when running virtual machines concurrently.
Price VMware Workstation’s rival Virtual PC is free with a MSDN subscription.

Best Uses

Software Development and Quality Assurance Testing

VMware Workstation 5 gives testers and developers the ability to create and archive test environments and scenarios quickly and easily. It also allows them to create legacy environments without the use of physical equipment.

Application Compatibility

Instead of loading software directly on a computer, load it in a virtual machine to avoid downtime of PC’s.

Operating System and Upgrades

With VMware Workstation 5, you can test and configure service packs and upgrades on all operating systems. You can rest easy testing in a virtual machine rather than testing on the actual physical PC or Server.

IT Deployments

Are you getting ready to deploy new software or new operating systems? Before deploying, test in a complete virtual environment from the domain level all the way down to the workstation.

Online resources

The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook

Newly released book on VMware Workstation 5.

VMware Workstation Documentation

VMware’s portal of documentation.

VMware Discussion Forums

The online discussion forum for VMware Workstation 5.

VMware Knowledge base

The knowledge base of information on VMware Workstation 5.

VMware Newsgroups

The nntp news server information to post questions to VMware’s specific newsgroups.

Other resources

Virtual Strategy Magazine

An online magazine that is your source for virtualization technology news.