In 2003, global professional services firm Towers Perrin conducted a survey of some U.S. and Canadian companies that identified five elements that largely generate most of the current negativity among their workers. The five elements are:

  • An excessive workload
  • Concerns about management’s ability to lead the company successfully
  • Anxiety about the future security of their job, income and retirement
  • Boredom and lack of challenge in their work, intensifying their frustration with their workload
  • Insufficient recognition for the level of contribution and effort they provide and concerns that pay isn’t commensurate with performance.

Interestingly, when asked, senior HR executives of the same companies admitted to being aware of employee negativity, but cited different reasons for it. Specifically, according to the study, they “underestimated employees’ need to feel connected to and competent in their work, their desire to build competencies and their wish for recognition.”

Let’s take a poll among the TechRepublic audience. If you had to rate which of the above elements MOST causes negativity in yourself, which would it be?

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