What do fast horses and IT issues have in common?

What issues haunt you as an IT manager: Security? Deployment? Career growth? Share your most critical questions and concerns, and we'll tackle them at our members' IT roundtable during Kentucky Derby week at TechRepublic.

Louisville, KY, is not only the headquarters for TechRepublic, but it’s also home to the greatest two minutes in sports—The Kentucky Derby. Amidst the fanfare of the first week of May leading up to the big race, we're inviting a group of TechRepublic members, like you, to participate in a roundtable discussion on IT issues.

The members attending will be interacting with all of our community editors to provide feedback on what they want to see covered on TechRepublic. They’ll also help us celebrate the accomplishments TechRepublic has achieved. Our celebration will include attending the “Run for the Roses” here in Louisville.

As an IT pro, you run a race every day to get your job done. We want to provide you with the tools and resources needed to help you win. Our goal is to give you what you want.

Here’s where we need your help. What are the issues that keep you up at night in your IT job? Security? Retention? Deployment? Career growth? We want to hear your voice. Send us your questions and issues, and we’ll address them during the TechRepublic roundtable.
Give us a question to ask the experts or tell us what you think is the most important issue in the IT world. Post a comment below or send us some mail.

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