While surfing the information super-highway I stumbled across a great little website called 43things.com; it’s a simple site where people write down their goals (or subscribe to a goal if someone else has already entered the same thing), get inspiration from other peoples goals and share their experiences.  Why ‘43things.com’? You can only have 43 things on your to-do list at one time.  Once you’ve achieved a goal there’s the chance to leave some advice for others and even attach a photo.

While there are a million and one ‘social networking’ sites out there (MySpace, Facebook, Faceparty, WAYN etc) which are all much of a muchness and pretty dull, this seemed to be worth mentioning as it’s a pretty good idea. The goals don’t have to be anything special; some people want to get their drivers licence while other want to ‘lose my belly’!  What have you been meaning to do but not gotten around to starting—do you want to learn to ski, program in Java or just switch to Mac OS X?

Why not log on and see how others are getting on, maybe you’ll be inspired!