Linux aficionados on TechRepublic have spent some time coming up with Linux applications that can do the same thing as Windows programs, and Jack has answered the question, “What can’t Linux do?” in a previous blog, but I couldn’t remember when I’d seen someone list the things that Linux does well, which Windows can’t equal (I can hear people saying “security!” but let’s be more specific!).

Lee Matthews at has written a post called, “3 Linux Apps That Make Me Hate Windows,” in which he selects applications that have no equivalent in a Windows environment.

I’m a Windows user, and it has served me well. That being said, I play with a lot of Linux distributions and there are some applications that are just so much better than anything Windows can offer that I find myself wondering how long it’ll be until I make the switch.

Matthews cites Synaptic, APT, and Amarok in particular. What do you think of these choices?