What is the best way to reinstall Windows 10?

TechRepublic member Azgor is wanting to know how to correctly reinstall Windows 10, so as not to lose their genuine copy of Windows 10. Can you offer advice or tips to help this fellow TechRepublic member?

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TechRepublic member Azgor was having issues with their PC, and have decided to reinstall Windows 10, however, they have some questions on how to correctly reinstall Windows 10 so they have turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance to get their question resolved.

TechRepublic member Azgor writes, "Hey all!Recently I've been having a lot of problems with my PC, which all started with the error "boot files are missing". To fix this I have tried many things such as renaming volumes and using installation media, however to no avail.

Hence, I decided I would Format C my hard drive after backing it up. I installed Linux to access my files however half the files come up - why is this? The only files that show up are ones about Windows 10 and temp logs etc.

Furthermore, its come to my attention that I might lose my version on Windows 10 and am curious on how I should reinstall it correctly, so I keep my genuine version of Windows 10 (I upgraded it from Windows 7.)"

Thank You!

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