Over the past few days, TechRepublic has been publishing triple-play content pieces (gallery, article, download) on several network performance monitoring tools. The tools themselves seem to work as advertised and so far none of the reviewed tools have been found to be unreasonably lacking. But reading about the software has me wondering if the real determining factor for IT pros and network administrators is really just familiarity?

Are you using the same network monitoring tool you have been using for years? On what criteria did you decide to use that particular tool? Is it possible it is time for you to consider something different? Could there be a new and improved product in your future? Will you sacrifice familiarity and comfort for uncertainty and another learning curve? Will inertia win?

If you are feeling even slightly adventurous you might consider downloading trial version of one or two of these network monitoring applications:

Or perhaps one of the tools we have looked at in the past:

You can get a copy of Spiceworks’ IT Desktop from the TechRepublic Software Library.

So, what is your network monitoring tool of choice anyway?