There are all kinds of arguments in favor of degrees in IT and all kinds in favor of learning from the school of hard knocks. Where do you fall in the continuum?


Every now and then, we like to take a “snapshot” of the TechRepublic audience. Sometimes we use the information we gather to better guide our content — e.g., whether you work in a large shop or a small one, what operating systems your organization uses, etc.

Sometimes we just ask things to get to know you better (over and above the fact that you have a powerful desire for coffee mugs).

Today, I’d like to gather information in order to better guide some of the folks who e-mail me who are just getting started in IT and ask for direction about what education path to pursue. There’s really no set answer to that question. Our audience includes people with computer science degrees, and people who were just thrown into the IT department because of a propensity for technology and the way it works. There are distinct advantages to each kind of background.

So let’s get a look at exactly who’s out there. Please take a second to complete our education poll below. Also, in the discussion following this blog, feel free to add your opinions about the role of education in IT.