Troy Tate, the corporate network manager for CTS Corporation, finds it difficult to nail down his choice for the best management book he has read.

But if he had to make a recommendation, it’d be The Dilbert Principle by comic artist Scott Adams, creator of such management gurus as “The Pointy Haired One” and “Catbert.”

“I think it’s important to be focused on the management skills that the market says are valuable, but you also have to have a sense of humor and look at many other perspectives to be a successful manager,” Tate wrote recently in an e-mail.

Which brings us to this week’s IT Manager discussion: If you could only recommend one management book to a new IT manager, what would it be?

Specifically, we’d like to know which book you think is most relevant to the IT professional-turned-manager.

Your recommendation doesn’t have to be a technology book, but it should be a book that you think would help a techie become a better manager.

Is your favorite The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard? Or perhaps you’re partial to the classic The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

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Here’s how it works. Post a comment to this article, putting the book’s title and author in the Title Of Reply field, and add a brief explanation of why you like the book in the Body field. (See Figure A for an example.)

Figure A

Here are some rules to keep in mind when making your post:

  • If someone else has already entered the book you wanted to mention, post a reply to his or her post explaining why you agree, rather than creating a new entry.
  • Feel free to post a reply explaining why you disagree with someone else’s choice.
  • Stick to books that are about general management, the books you would recommend to a novice.
  • We’re only interested in books. Although there are many great online resources for managers, right now we’re concentrating on books.

We’ll pick five of the most interesting responses and award those members a TechRepublic coffee mug.

Post your comment now and share your knowledge with your peers. We’ll report back with a list of the most popular books.