What professionals should know about iPad Pro: 4 takeaways

From the Apple Pencil to the Smart Keyboard, here are 4 things professionals should know about the new iPad Pro.

Video: iPad Pro: 4 things the professionals should know

So, we knew this was coming. Apple announced the iPad Pro at this year's fall event -- it's a 12.9 inch tablet with big implications for the Apple-loving business professional.

Here are four things you should know about the new iPad Pro.

First off, it works with a stylus, and by stylus we mean the Apple Pencil. The Pencil is sold separately and will run you $99. It's got responsive sensors that register position, force, and tilt. It'll also register your unfortunate lack of artistic talent. Sorry.

Second, Apple also announced its Smart Keyboard, built to work with the iPad Pro. It connects through the Smart Connector, which is three dots that transfer both power and data. Because of that connector, the keyboard doesn't need Bluetooth pairing, a battery, or an on-off switch. The price tag? $169.

Third, if you're wondering about what else you can actually do with the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, at launch the iPad Pro will support stylus-compatible versions of both Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

And fourth, aside from the fact the iPad Pro will offer more screen space, it'll also offer a split-view feature so users can work with two apps at once.

All this is to say that the iPad Pro's got a lot in common with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

In fact, if you want to compare specs, check out Conner Forrest's rundownon TechRepublic.

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