This week’s What should I do? entry comes from a TechRepublic member who, due to a merger, is required to interview for her own job. Here’s the story.


“The company I work for was bought out by another company. Our company was the same size as the company that bought us. I work in a sector of the company that was bought out, and we are considered System Admins, both for Windows and Unix. There are five of us that provide admin services for approximately 180 servers. We do a lot more than just ‘Data Center’ services for these servers.

We were finally told that we were going to have to interview for our jobs with the new company. We did that and also had a meeting with them explaining what all the servers did and how critical they were to the business (i.e., could it bring a line in the plant down if it went down). They indicated to us that we would find out about our positions sometime that month. We just found out that this has been postponed.

I guess is what I am asking is if you have an issue like this (which is we will either continue to work with the new company in Core IT; work for ACS; be asked to continue to work until the integration is completed; or be laid off with a severance) and you have a job offer, what do you do? Is this common in the big corporate world to put off letting workers know if they will have a job or not?”

Anyone have any experience with this sort of situation?

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