What to do when Word won't let you redo

Did you know that if you use the cut command in Word, it can take away all the redos you've done up to that point? Mary Ann Richardson explains how to backtrack even when Word won't let you redo.

IT pros often assume they can do almost anything to Word documents and then fall back on undo and redo if they get into trouble. Whatever we try to do with our document, it seems that undo can always get it back to where we want it; that is until one day we click on the redo button and it tells us "Can't redo." While you can have an unlimited number of undos and redos, Word's Cut command can wipe out all redos in a second.

For example, suppose you click the Undo button five times on a page. Then, you cut and paste a paragraph from another page. You change your mind and decide to redo everything to get it back to where it was before the cut and paste. Unfortunately, the Cut command totally clears the Redo list. If you saved the file before you performed the undo operations, you can close the file without saving, and then open the saved file with all your past edits intact. If you haven't saved the file up to the last cut and paste, you will have to begin all over again. The bottom line is: Even with "unlimited" undos and redos, don't forget to save your documents on a regular basis.

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