As collaboration platforms expand to support remote work, there is even more information to track. Employees who use Slack or email as a filing cabinet may expect to have access to documents, email, and more for an extended period of time. But that’s not the best place to store and access important docs. The end of the year is a good time to review, not only this trove of documents and communications, but the policies that govern this information.

It’s important to set retention guidelines for all types of documents–electronic as well as physical. Employees need to know how to manage their own information. Compliance officers need these policies as well to show that the company is following legal requirements for data management.

It’s also a good idea to review your equipment retention and management policy. Old laptops, desktops, and mobile devices can contain sensitive and proprietary data. IT departments need comprehensive guidelines about how to handle old equipment and prepare it for recycling or donation.

These three TechRepublic Premium policies provide a kick-start to ensure that all of your bases are covered for the safe retention and disposal of company information and equipment.

Document Retention Policy

As privacy regulations expand, companies need to establish rules for preserving information and getting rid of it. The accidental or intentional destruction of documents during specified retention periods can result in financial fines and legal penalties. This policy describes how to manage company information (in electronic, hard copy, or other formats) from creation through destruction, according to applicable laws and the business needs of the organization.

Email/IM/Voicemail Retention Policy

A thorough and thoughtful plan for data retention is like an insurance policy. The hope is that you’ll never need to provide communication logs for a lawsuit or investigation, but the chance is always possible. Having a policy in place sets clear expectations about how long information will be retained and available for reference. 

Computer Equipment Disposal Policy

Maybe the stack of old laptops is getting too high in the IT storage room, or your team is upgrading equipment across several departments?Either way you need a plan to deal with old equipment whether it will be recycled or donated. This comprehensive policy provides the steps on how to do it.