Bob Artner, TechRepublic’s VP for Content Development, wrote recently in Developer Republic that he is a fan of an English radio program called “Desert Island Discs” in which contestants are asked to describe the one album they’d take to a desert island, if they could only bring one.

In the article, “The best programming book you’ve ever seen?”, Bob also asked developers to name the programming book they’d recommend, if they could have only one book. (When we last checked, more than 65 TechRepublic members had made a recommendation or posted a comment about their favorite book.)

Here is a question for members who visit IT Consultant Republic: If you could install only one application on your personal digital assistant (PDA), what program would you choose?

Share your favorite PDA app with your peers
Here’s your chance to submit what you think is the best PDA application for consultants. Post a comment to this article, putting the program’s title and device in the Title of Reply field. Then in the Body, describe why every consultant should have this PDA application. Here’s an example of what we’re looking for (see Figure A):

Figure A
Explain why this application is great for consultants.

Here are some rules to keep in mind when posting your comment:

  • If someone else has already entered the program you think is the winner, post a reply to his or her post, explaining why you agree, rather than creating a new entry.
  • Feel free to post a reply explaining why you disagree with someone else’s choice.
  • Remember that we’re focusing on programs that you currently use and that are particularly appropriate for consultants.
  • We’re only interested in PDA programs.

The five most interesting responses will win a nifty TechRepublic coffee mug.

Come and get it!

You’re a techie consultant, and you’re proud! So pull out your PDA and pick the best of the best programs. Now post a comment below and tell your consulting peers about it.