Or I should say the lack of buzz, according to this News.com article: “Wi-Fi mosquito killer coming to a porch near you.” Wireless technology has been created to keep things “in” a certain area, such as electronic dog fence systems. So, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that new developments are in the works to keep things “out” of a specified parameter. That’s exactly what American Biophysics is doing with its “smart” mosquito net.

“By the first quarter of 2006, AmBio executives hope to have finalized sophisticated software to control a network of magnets–forming a kind of wide-scale fence–which will be able to communicate with a central network through wireless 802.11b technology. That way, the system will be able to efficiently ward off bugs from golf courses and resorts, or even help mitigate cases of malaria in third world countries.”

I’m originally from Minnesota, and so this news is BIG!!! I visit home at least once a year, and of course it’s in the summertime when the mosquitoes are so thick that they can practically carry small children and animals away. A couple years ago, I even bought my best friend (who still lives there) one of those bug zappers that looks like a tennis racket for self defense.

Want to know how it works? “The main device is basically a vacuum cleaner that sucks insects in and dehydrates them until they die ‘a horrible death.'” BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!  The company’s CEO, Devin Hosea claims, “‘So far we don’t know of any mosquito rights group, so it’s totally PC to kill as many as you want.’ (Non-bloodsucking bugs, such as butterflies and beetles, are not attracted.)”