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Check out our video of renown FOSS developers giving their 2 cents on technology, companies, and girl bands.

What is Sucks or Scores?
Sucks or Scores is a game where the player/victim is asked their opinion on a topic. The response is either "sucks" or "scores", sucks being bad, scores being good. Another option exists, that being "pass", but it ruins the alliteration in the game's name.

Who plays Sucks or Scores?
Anyone can play, although the more well-known the player is, the more interesting the game can become.

At linux.conf.au we had the following players:
Rusty Russell - Linux Australia's IP policy advisor
Jim Gettys - One Laptop Per Child Vice President of Software Engineering
Linus Torvalds - Benevolent Dictator for Life of the Linux Kernel
Jeff Waugh - Waugh partner, LCA Organiser and creator of the term "hackergotchi"
Pia Waugh - Waugh partner, LCA Organiser and Linux Australia Vice President
Jono Bacon - Ubuntu Community Manager and Lugradio personality
Glynn Foster - Sun Microsystems (Jono's mate)
The Beard - No FOSS conference coverage is complete without a guy with a beard
The Beard's mate
Paul Fenwick - Melbourne Perl Whiz
Jacinta Richardson - Melbourne Perl Whiz
Hawaiian Shirt Guy
Silvia Pfeiffer - LCA Video Helper
Kimberlee Weatherall - Professor of Law, University of Queensland
Tim - LCA Helper

The Topics
Our first game was played out at linux.conf.au where we asked the players about:
  • DMCA
  • Vista
  • linux.conf.au
  • The Cure
  • virtualisation
  • Girl Bands
  • Open Solaris
  • iPhone
  • ubuntu
  • Mono
  • One Laptop Per Child
  • Novell
  • Mika Häkkinen
  • GPLv3
  • Philip Ruddock