What's in store at TechEd 2000?

Couldn't make it to Orlando for Microsoft's TechEd 2000? Don't sweat it. TechRepublic contributing writer Chris Tellez made the trip, and he took his Blackberry. Check out his reports beginning today.

Not too long ago, in a galaxy not so far away…Turmoil has engulfed the Microsoft Empire. Its business practices to outlying IT systems are in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly lawyers, the Justice Department has attempted to hinder the Empire’s innovation and cash flow.

While the Supreme Court endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, IT departments. have secretly dispatched their IT Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the computer galaxy, to learn of the Empire’s new strategy. Armed with this knowledge, the IT Knights hope to settle the conflict once and for all….

The battle rages on
While the battle rages on in the courtroom, it is still business as usual for Microsoft and the IT departments using Microsoft software. For proof, witness Microsoft’s presentation of another popular TechEd conference. Last year, the focus was on Windows 2000, and rightly so. It was due for release in six months, and Redmond wanted the IT gurus of the world to be ready.

This year, the conference focuses mostly on Exchange 2000 both for administrators and developers. Like Windows 2000, Exchange 2000 possesses many functions similar to its predecessors; it also boasts a wealth of new features that extend the abilities of Exchange to new heights.

The sessions on Exchange range from migrating Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 to the complete implementation and optimization of the upgrade e-mail platform on your network. There are also sessions on Windows 2000 and Windows NT, but the definite focus is on Exchange. Word has it that Exchange 2000 is set for release in July, although someone from Microsoft on my flight to Florida alluded that it will probably be more like August. Whatever the case, it is coming, and the time to learn about the platform is now.

As my fellow IT Knights and I converge on the state of Florida, I’ll be bringing you updates from TechEd 2000. We’ll find out what’s new with Microsoft, what to expect from Exchange 2000, and what some of the latest offerings are from the exhibitors at TechEd. One of the big features of day one will be Bill Gates’ keynote speech.

The topic? Microsoft’s Next Generation Web Services (NGWS), Windows 2000, Windows DNA 2000, ASP, and Web forms in enterprise Web application development. While this subject will no doubt be interesting, will Gates say anything about the Justice Department case? Last year, Microsoft wasn’t as deep into the case, and a few jokes were made. Now, with the battle fully raging, one wonders if he will give any type of pep talk or update to the troops. Stay tuned to TechRepublic, Microsoft fans (and foes), as we bring you TechEd 2000 updates.

Christopher Tellez is a network manager based in Southern California. He earned his MCSE in 1997.

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