Although some analysts appear to make a healthy living predicting which technologies will be the next big thing, it’s far from an exact science. We at don’t intend to let that stop us from trying, but we need your help. What technologies do you expect your organization to adopt in the coming year or even beyond? Take our Emerging Trends survey and let us know.

The survey is short, consisting of only four questions. In it, we ask you to estimate when your organization will begin adopting four technologies that we think might be big movers in the near future: .NET, wireless devices as a development platform, Web services, and J2EE. For each question, you can choose from five answers:

  • We already have
  • Within six months
  • In six months to a year
  • Over one year
  • We don’t plan to implement…

The results should provide you with some indication of what development skills will be in demand in the coming year. Also, we’ll use the results to help align the content we publish at with the needs of our members.

Not a popularity contest
Obviously, some of these technologies are, more or less, mutually exclusive. While it’s certainly possible to simultaneously adopt J2EE and .NET as development platforms, most companies will understandably settle on one or the other. We understand this, and I assure you, we’re interested only in the answers to individual questions, not in comparing one group to another. In other words, you won’t be reading any proclamations about, for instance, .NET killing J2EE as a result of this survey.

Here’s your chance to show all those technology analysts what they really know. So what are you waiting for? Take the survey.