At the Macworld Keynote address, Steve Jobs held the world in awe as he unveiled the world’s thinnest notebook. But it turns out that opinion on the ultra-thin MacBook Air is mixed.

Images of the MacBook Air are available from Crave.

The notebook measures a mere 0.16 inches at its thinnest end and maxes out at 0.76 inches.

Ars Technica features a comparison of the MacBook Air spec with other notebooks in the category. Great features on the machine (as with other Apple products) include the multi-touch pad, 13.3 inch wide-screen, and comfortable keyboard.

However, there were also disappointments due to the absence of Ethernet and Firewire ports, a fixed battery, and only one USB slot. The MacBook Air is also missing optical drives.

Apple’s stocks went for a slight tumble in what was perceived as a disappointing keynote, compared to the previous iPod and iPhone keynote announcements.

Do you find the MacBook Air a compelling buy?