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What’s the big deal, anyhow?
It’s no big secret around the TechRepublic offices that I’m a huge fan of wireless networking. Ever since companies like Apple introduced their wireless networking and other vendors followed suit, I have been in favor of businesses dumping the standard CAT 5 wiring in favor of wireless.

With wireless still a relatively new technology as far as networking goes, however, some administrators have doubts that it is worth the time and money to integrate it into their networks. The fact that wireless isn’t exactly a proven technology at this point is also a concern. Businesses tend to be leery about implementing new and unproven technologies into an infrastructure that currently works. After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Possibly one of its biggest disadvantages is the bandwidth that wireless networking provides. At best, administrators can only get current network speeds from it, meaning that replacing the existing wired network with wireless wouldn’t increase the bandwidth available on that network. And with the introduction and onset of gigabit networking, it is more feasible for network administrators to replace their current CAT 5 cabling with the more robust fiber wiring.

So here is the question for this week’s Point and Counterpoint: Should your company consider switching to wireless networking, or should it stick with faster wired networks?

The point: Give me my wireless!
Do you believe that wireless networking is the way to go for the future of business networking? Do you think that infrastructure development would become much easier if everyone was using wireless technologies? If so, we want to know your opinions on the topic. Feel free to leave a post below or send us a note with your thoughts.

The counterpoint: Leave my wires alone!
Do you believe that the future of network infrastructure is in wiring? Do you want to be able to push the limits of your current network with fiber wiring? If so, our ears are open and ready to listen. Feel free to leave a post below or send us an e-mail with your thoughts.

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