One of the coolest features in TechProGuild is the Tech Books Library.

In it you’ll find the full text of over 250 computer books. Those

aren’t simple book chapters nor offers for books to buy. It’s a fully

searchable online library.

We recently redesigned the Tech Books Library home page

to feature books better and to give you a better idea about what you’ll

find in Tech Books. Some people have had problems reading the books

found in the collection.

TPG’s Tech Books Library is powered by

Books 24×7.

Books 24×7 uses a cookie on your machine to verify that you’re a

registered and paid member of TechProGuild before you can access the

Tech Books Library. If this cookie isn’t synchronized properly, you

can’t access the books. It can get out of whack fairly easily, such as

if your TechRepublic cookie becomes erased, you log out, or you log

into TechProGuild on another PC.

If you’re having a problem accessing TechBooks, click the

Last Book Visited link

on the TechBooks. This will reset the Tech Books cookie on your

workstation. If you’ve disabled cookies, you must enable them for and If you log off of

TechRepublic or use your TechProGuild account from another workstation,

you’ll have to use that link to access TechBooks as well.