You’ve all heard the old saying about pets resembling their owners, right? Well, with modifications being the new craze, we may start to notice more and more similarities between techies and their hardware, peripherals, and gadgets. Check out this article: “Yearning for color on laptops.”

According to the article, “Laptops can be personalized with accessories like stick-on covers or more elaborate makeovers offered by ‘case modding’ specialists, who create custom designs for notebook cases. Even some major computer makers have begun taking advantage of the trend by offering color overlays and other design embellishments.” If you’re interested in seeing some examples, check out this photo gallery: Modded laptops.

I don’t have a laptop, but it’s kind of fun to think about how I would modify one if I did. The solid colors are kind of cool, but I’d want to do something a little more original than that. Perhaps I could pierce it, add a little bling bling, and set it to say “WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUP?!” when it opens.

And as far as a few of my coworkers here at TechRepublic, I think I’d be able to identify their laptops in a crowd:
* Shawn Morton’s would resemble a toilet seat (don’t tell me that you missed his iWipe photo gallery).
* Mark Kaelin’s would be decked out with his favorite avatar (he has a few to choose from in his parade of MMORPG avatars photo gallery).
* Erik Eckel would fancy a big Apple (have you checked out all of his blog postings about Apple?)
* Jay Garmon would have to sport a pocket protector with some pencils hanging out of it, and of course a little duct tape to hold it all together… in true Trivia Geek form.

Have you personalized your laptop? Send us a photo of it and we’ll compile the submissions in a photo gallery.