With reports predicting a decline in IT staff jobs in 2009, it may help to ask yourself what job situation could be worse. Snake handler? Lindsay Lohan’s AA sponsor? Let’s take a moment to imagine the worst jobs in the world.


OK, I’ll admit it: Yesterday’s blog, Reports indicate IT staff jobs will drop in 2009, was one of the bleakest articles that I’ve written. I needed a serotonin IV after I hit the Publish button.

So for today, I thought we’d momentarily climb out of the handbasket we’re going to hell in and have a little fun. Let’s forget for a second about the suckiness of our IT jobs and the unspeakable fear that we may lose those sucky jobs and take a walk down “It could be worse” lane.

The topic: What other job would you absolutely hate to do?

I’ll go first. Ignoring for a moment the obvious, like Porto-can cleaner or anything else featured on Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs show, I think it would be a nightmare to be in sales. I don’t mean that the line of work itself would suck, just MY being in sales.

I don’t think I could deal with the constant aura of rejection, and the attitudes of clients who hold all the cards by being in judgment of your product. In my mind, no matter how high-end the product, I would still feel like a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesperson.

So let’s hit it. What’s the worst job you can imagine?