What's your favorite free network tool?

If you could have only one freeware networking tool, what would it be? Here's your chance to tell the IT world. Share your choice with your peers, and you might win a prize from TechRepublic.

There's a large array of freeware network tools out there that can help an administrator better manage his or her network. Ed Engelking's article "Get some great networking tools for free" introduces a number of these great tools. In typical TechRepublic fashion, Ed's article started a discussion in which members chimed in about their favorite free tools.

Among the tools that Ed listed were:

A number of readers raved about Virtual Network Computing, and others suggested more free networking tools, including these recommended by members William Shipway, Barry Gee, Dave Howe, and Brent Ruggles:

Now here's the question. If you could have only one freeware networking tool and no other, which free networking tool would you have?

Share your favorite free networking tool with your peers
This is your chance to submit what you think is the best free networking tool out there. You don't have to simply select from the lists above. You can vote for any tool you like. Post a comment to this article, putting the program's title in the Title Of Reply field. Then in the body, describe why every network administrator should have this networking tool. An example of what we're looking for is shown in Figure A.

Figure A
Explain why this tool is great for network administrators.

When posting your comment, here are some rules to keep in mind:
  • If someone else has already entered the program that you think is the winner, post a reply to his or her post, explaining why you agree, rather than creating a whole new entry.
  • Feel free to post a reply explaining why you disagree with someone else's choice.
  • Remember that we're focusing on programs that you currently use and that are particularly appropriate for network administrators, engineers, and/or consultants.
  • We're interested only in freeware networking tools. Although there are plenty of great networking tools available, and some of them may be shareware or free on a 30-day trial basis, we are looking for tools you can get and then forget about licensing issues.

The five most interesting responses will win a TechRepublic coffee mug (which holds twice as much as the usual coffee mug)!

Add your favorite freebee
So you think you know the best networking tool that's available for free? Take a moment and share it with the rest of the IT world. Just follow the rules above and post your suggestion below.


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