The success of the latest Star Trek film seems to have generated a renewed interest in the TV show. So I thought it would be fun to revisit a popular discussion started in 2006 by TechRepublic member ProtiusX, who asked the community to name their favorite Star Trek episode. ProtiusX writes:

“I personally have many favorites but I think it has to be a draw between the episode where the spirit of Jack the Ripper is let loose on the Enterprise or when Kirk is forced as a thrall to fight in a death match and train with a hot chick in a shiny metallic costume and to much make up.”

There are currently 272 posts in the discussion. Here’s a sampling of excerpts from some of the comments:

Rob Groh: “Spock’s Brain — That has to be the most memorable of the cheesiest episodes. Synopsis: Spock’s brain has been surgically removed by a woman from a race of women who couldn’t figure their way out of a VB program.”

DMambo (who also inquired about the difference between Trekkers and Trekkies): “I loved the one where Kirk and the gang went to the society that built their culture around a book detailing Chicago in the Roaring 20’s.Kirk saying “I’m callin’ you a penny-ante operator” could have only been pulled off by someone with the consummate acting skills of Mr. Wm. Shatner.”

mmoran: “Squire of Gothos. Very hard to pick a once-and-for-all favorite, but I’ve always wondered if Trelane might have been our first glimpse (in ‘adolescent’ form) of Next Generation’s “Q”…. ;>)”

tibor_2000: “I,ve been a Star Trek fan of the origional episodes since it aired on tv in the mid to late 60’s. My two favorite episodes would be ‘City on the Edge of Forever & ‘Mirror,Mirror’. I am a retired actor now but had the pleasure of working with William Shatner as his standin in the tv movie thriller ‘The Baby Sitter.'”

NickNielsen: “The Trouble with Tribbles Followed closely by ‘I, Mudd.’ The cast dynamics always made for great slapstick.”

So, what’s your favorite Star Trek episode? After you post your answer, you might enjoy reading Jay Garmon’s examination of when Star Trek jumped the shark.