If you’ve installed NetWare 5 or NetWare 5.1 on your server but still use Windows 3.x as your administrative workstation, you may have been surprised to discover that you couldn’t find NWADMN3X.EXE in your server’s Public directory. What do you do?

As you know, NWADMN3X.EXE is the Windows 3.x version of NetWare Administrator. It’s a 16-bit version that runs under Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, NT Workstation, and even OS/2. Although you can run later versions of NetWare Administrator on NT Workstation and Windows 9x administrative workstations, NWADMN3X.EXE is the only version that runs under Windows 3.x.

Unfortunately, NetWare 5.x doesn’t support or ship with this version of NetWare Administrator. Therefore, you have two choices: Upgrade your administrative workstation, or download a version of NetWare Administrator that does work under Windows 3.x.

If you want to continue using Windows 3.x, you can download a Windows 3.1 version of NetWare Administrator from Novell’s Support Connection Web site. The name of the file is ADM4113X.EXE. The file is only 4,204,451 bytes long, so it won’t take very long to download. Download the file to a temporary directory on your workstation. Then, just run the file to install it to your server.

This is the version that ships with NetWare 4.11. Because of limitations inherent in 16-bit software, you won’t be able to do many of the things that you can do with 32-bit versions. This version doesn’t support all the objects included in NetWare 5. You’ll also have trouble finding 16-bit snap-ins to extend the 3.x version.

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