I was taking a look at Simon Waldman’s blog earlier in the week, and found a couple of interesting links. Waldman serves as the honcho of digital media at the Guardian newspaper in London.

One of the more prominent pointers on his site leads to The Web 2.0 Innovation Map, a mashup based on Google Maps which shows a slice of current Web 2.0 developments coming down the path, and the locations around the world at which they are being developed. Although it’s far from a completed project, it’s very neatly executed, too.

On his blog, Innovation Map developer Ryan Williams explains the project in somewhat more detail, and solicits further help in the form of a resource “a good source for WHOIS data, or has a well structured (XML preferably) list of web apps with the name, url, and brief description (along the lines of an API for eHub or TechCrunch).”

Take a look and help out if you can. From a developer’s perspective, if you want to keep up with what’s happening in this space and in the markets close to you, this appears an eminently deserving enterprise.