Where on the site are these TechRepublic features?

We've added a different spin to this week's Pop Quiz. Instead of answering a hardware or software question, we want you to do a little scavenging. Find out how you can win a TechRepublic T-shirt just by exploring the site.

For this week’s Support Republic Pop Quiz, we’re going to do something a little different. Usually, we ask TechRepublic members to answer questions about hardware or software issues troubling end users and network administrators. This week’s Pop Quiz, however, is more like an egg hunt. We’re asking you to find specific features on the TechRepublic Web site. Each of these "egg" hunts is a separate contest. Members who correctly answer one of the egg hunts will be entered in a drawing for a free TechRepublic T-shirt. You can enter one or all of the hunts. The more eggs you place in your basket, the more chances you have of walking away with a T-shirt!
You could win a TechRepublic T-shirt by submitting a correct solution to this week's Pop Quiz. Just think, you could be the envy of your IT peers! The deadline for entries will be Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2001.
Egg hunt #1
The TechRepublic Web site is always evolving. We add new content, services, and features every day so that TechRepublic can become even more useful to our members. Did you know, however, that there’s a way you can be alerted when new site features and even special offers become available?

The task: Find the check box that allows TechRepublic members to sign up for e-mail notifications about TechRepublic site features, hot topics, and special offers for IT pros.

Egg hunt #2
When TechRepublic first began, our Republic tabs were quite a bit different from what you see today. While some of the tabs available at the very beginning of the TechRepublic site are still available, others have gone off into the sunset. But did you know that one of these classic Republics still lingers on the site?

The task: Can you find the lost Republic from yesteryear? Here’s a hint; you can find it in one of the channel listings of a current Republic. It’s up to you to figure out which one.

Egg hunt #3
It’s important to know what events are happening in the IT world. If you don’t pay close attention, you could miss a great conference or important seminar that you’ll later wish you had attended. Luckily, TechRepublic keeps track of these events and makes the information available to its members. You’ll never miss an important conference, seminar, or forum again.

The task: There is a Software Testing Analysis and Review conference sometime in May 2001, but I’d like to know what week it’s taking place. Find the place on our site that lists the information about the conference.

Put all your eggs in one basket
Once you’ve found one or all of these eggs, send us an e-mail with your answer or answers. All members sending in correct submissions have a chance at a free TechRepublic T-shirt (or three). So start searching!

Editor's Note: Please don't post a solution to the Pop Quiz. Only e-mail entries will be considered for the TechRepublic T-shirt giveaway. Good luck!

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