I’m an American Idol fan, and I watch the reality show religiously every Tuesday and Wednesday night. So, when I ran across a news story this morning that talked about a Web site that was originally created to make fun of American Idol, I had to click through and read. Check it out: “VoteForTheWorst.com has American Idol’s number.”   

According to the article, “Dave Della Terza started the site [VoteForTheWorst.com (VFTW)] in 2004 to encourage the public to vote for contestants who producers would hate to see win the popular Fox talent show. This year, thanks in part to a 17-year-old singer with a small voice and big hair [Sanjaya Malakar], Internet rankings have placed VFTW as the second most popular American Idol Web site next to the official Web page.”

The site has received some positive feedback, such as frequent plugs from Howard Stern, as well as its share of angry mail, which Della Terza posts for everyone to see (typos, cursing, and all). With VFTW, I think there’s very little room for middle-of-the-road reactions — you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I have a soft spot for the underdog. BUT, if Sanjaya lasts longer than Blake, Jordin, Lakisha, or Melinda (my top four favorites) — or if he actually WINS this thing and becomes the next American Idol — then you better believe I’ll be sending my own hate mail VFTW’s way.