First off, if you haven’t seen the Star Trek reboot, proceed at your own risk. The logic behind this warning is, to paraphrase Spock, “Captain, there is an 87.6 percent probability of spoilers within this blog entry.”

Although the film reintroduced us to a number of old friends — or at least their doppelgängers from an alternate time line — I was left wanting more. Yeah, I know that I’m a little piggy when it comes to Star Trek, but I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

So who do fans want to see in the next movie? By far, the name that I’ve heard the most is Khan Noonien Singh. Khan, who within days of waking from his cryogenic sleep, caused Kirk and company all kinds of problems. In a perfect world, Spock Prime would have recommend putting a photon torpedo or two in the SS Botany Bay; however, experience shows us that the world of Star Trek is just as messed up as our own.

Another name that I’ve heard knocked around is Kor, or any Klingon for that matter since there was only a brief mention of the Klingons in the movie. With the time line being reset, and the Organians being out of the picture, the possibility of intense ship-to-ship combat between the Federation and the Klingon Empire exists. Ah, special effects!

If the episodes of the original series are a guideline, there is a distinct possibility of a somewhat less intense and a more humorous motion picture. The Enterprise could, for example, encounter my favorite character, Harcourt Fenton Mudd. In case you’ve forgotten, Harry Mudd is the Galaxy’s most inept crook; the character failed the criminal’s basic skills test. Cyrano Jones and his Tribbles would be another good choice for a lighter movie. At the risk of turning this into Trivial Pursuit, there’s also Trelane, Nomad, and the Horta.

But what I’d really like to know is: Which characters would you like to see in the Star Trek sequel?