Virus protection and a good spyware removal product are both vital tools for user support professionals. But which should you use? Take the poll and participate in the discussion.


In a recent blog, I asked the TechRepublic members about their preference for virus protection software.

I will admit that I was somewhat surprised that the option receiving the most votes was other — that is, a product that I didn’t even list as an option in my selections. AVG seems to have received more votes than any other product. Although I didn’t use that product myself, I did download the free version and installed it on my home system for some firsthand experience with it, although I kept my Norton Office Edition for our business use. After reviewing the differences between the free version and the Pro Edition, I’d probably recommend that someone spend the few dollars for the extra protection. I should say, however, that the free version sure did get some good reviews in the discussion that followed the poll.

Nonetheless, virus protection is only part of the battle in protecting our users against unwanted malware. Spyware detection and removal is another. With a good firewall in place and adequate security software running, spyware shouldn’t find its way into a system in the first place. But, for a variety of reasons, we all know that such things do get in from time to time. And even if it’s not immediately apparent, it is a good idea to occasionally scan our systems for spyware.

Since many people take vacation around the Christmas holiday, I try to make it a point to run malware scans on their computers, optimize their system, etc., while they’re away and won’t need their computers.

There are literally dozens of spyware removal tools available, but users have to be careful of what they choose. Some of them are actually spyware themselves. Ideally, we’d all prefer a product that offers a free download, but perhaps that’s not always the best option.

Cast your vote for the spyware removal tool of your choice and participate in the ensuing discussion.