Providing users with the most reliable and updated virus protection is an ongoing challenge. It’s always a good time to explore the best options.


I know I might be opening up a can of worms here, but maintaining virus protection is so high on the must-do list, that this will surely lead to a worthwhile discussion. Just like in the Windows versus Linux discussions, passions will run high and opinions will be strong, but they’re always interesting to hear. Nonetheless, installing a reliable virus protection software is a no-brainer, but which one?

For years, I’ve had a very low opinion of Norton (Symantec) off-the-shelf products. They just seem to take over the computer and become a hindrance. However, for those same number of years, I’ve had a very high opinion of Norton Corporate edition. In fact, that’s the one I use — currently version 10.2. The installation is problem-free, and running in the background is seamless.

I don’t leave anything up to the user, and I’ve scheduled daily virus definition updates, as well as daily scans. Knock on wood, but I’ve not seen a virus rear its ugly head in quite some time. Norton has nabbed some potential intruders and put them into quarantine, but none have evaded detection.

As user support professionals, which virus software do you prefer? Norton Corporate edition gets my vote. Take the poll and elaborate in the following discussion on your decision to make the choice you did. I’ve included the top three programs in terms of market share — Symantec (Norton), McAfee, and Trend Micro — and added the Norton Corporate edition as a separate product.