Which Web-based remote support tool is the best solution for both the support professional and customer alike? Take the poll and join in on the discussion.


Many support professionals support users over multiple locations. Taking remote control of a customer’s desktop is probably the method of preference, since it saves the support tech time and the customer money. And it’s certainly a better way to diagnose a problem compared to verbal descriptions given by a confused customer.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been in the position of providing remote support a few times, and I’ve used one of the Web-based solutions to establish that remote connection. But I do it on a sporadic basis and usually as a favor to a friend or relative. As of now, the one I used isn’t something I’d call a favorite or a best. But it was adequate for the circumstance.

For the support pros doing it on a regular basis, however, they’d probably need more than just adequate. Here is a checklist of things I’d look for, having been on both ends of the services.

  • Cost is always a consideration.
  • Ease of connection, especially for the customer.
  • Customer comfort — knowing their computer will be safe.
  • Automated customer support requests.
  • Ability to link from e-mail or a Web site.
  • Voice integration to chat with customers.
  • Recording and playback of sessions.
  • Logging of sessions.
  • Capability to reboot and automatically reestablish the remote session.
  • Fast file transfer.

What else would you add to that checklist?

And out of the many Web-based options out there, in your experiences, which one would you consider the best all-around?

Also, please share your remote support experiences, from either the giving or receiving perspective, in the following discussion.