White House TechHire initiative: 4 things you should know

Here are 4 key parts of the new TechHire initiative, aimed at closing the tech skills gap.

4 takeaways from the White House's TechHire initiative

A few weeks back, the White House announced its new TechHire Initiative. The premise is that right now, there are about a half million open jobs in IT, and not enough people to fill them. And that number is only going to get bigger.

That's significant because IT jobs can be a pretty solid entrance into a middle class life. So, this initiative is aimed at getting more Americans plugged into those open jobs.

Here are 4 takeaways from the White House's TechHire initiative.

First, people aren't being trained fast enough. That means the White House is encouraging other ways to learn skills, like bootcamps or online courses. Not everyone has the time or money for a 4-year-degree. This initiative forges partnerships with organizations like Dev Bootcamp, Udacity, and more.

Second, they realize that if they're going to encourage non-traditional training, they've got to encourage employers to adopt more inclusive hiring practices. Ideally, the thing that matters is if you can actually do the job.

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Third, there's definitely a grassroots component at work. In April, the White House invited leaders of tech meetup groups to gather and talk about who they are, what they do, and what they need. Turns out many of these groups are booming with interested folks looking for skills training, and jobs, and many groups are trying to meet needs having to do with resources and networking opportunities.

And fourth, this initiative has socio-economic implications. IT jobs generally pay pretty well. The department of labor will launch a 100-million dollar grant competition, and part of what it's encouraging are approaches aimed at training and employing people facing barriers to education and employment.

There's a lot more to it, but that's a quick hit on 4 important aspects of the Tech Hire initiative that you should know about.

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