It dawned on me today that major vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, etc. have all created hypervisors that are free. VMware has ESX3i, Microsoft has Hyper-V, and Citrix has Xen. Each company puts out tons of reasons why its hypervisor is better. What does all this mean? The leader in the market doesn’t care anymore about the hypervisor. Hypervisor Management is where it is at.

Data centers are popping out virtual machines faster than I can type this blog post. These days cloned images take minutes to deploy. Many companies take on virtualization projects only to give up server sprawl for virtual machine sprawl. If you do not have the proper management, the vm phenomenon can get out of hand. How are you going to control the vm’s being deployed? How can you stop rogue virtual machines?

There is a really great niche growing, and it is hypervisor management. Being able to manage your virtual machines all in one place with a single tool is where the true leader will emerge. If you can add virtual machine network discovery and the ability for this management software to support the major hypervisors available today with the advanced functionality of live migration and vmotion, you will have a clear leader in the market.

A universal virtual machine management tool that supports all the major hypervisors would allow you to have many different flavors of virtualization, which may even include open source software. It wouldn’t matter what you used, because your vm management tool would find your virtualization platform of choice and allow you to manage it.

What do you think of a universal hypervisor management tool? Do you think hypervisor management is where it is at?