Passwords like ‘12345’ and ‘password’ aren’t going to cut it anymore. Hackers target everyone, including you and your business.

A new infographic from CBTS, an IT service management company, titled: Why Your Business Network Is A Hacker’s Target breaks down the different types of cyberattacks and how to stay safe online.

People risk having their information stolen every day by using weak passwords, opening malicious emails, and carelessly browsing the web. According to CBTS, in 2016, 1.1 billion identities were stolen.

Some of the ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim include: changing your passwords regularly, being observant of sketchy websites, and noticing security measures on websites.

The infographic breaks down two types of data breaches: internal incidents and external attacks. Almost 40% of organizations’ data loss comes from internal incidents, which could be anything from intentional theft of company data to accidental mishandling of information. In 2015, most of the information exposed from data breaches included names, home addresses and birth dates.

While the small business sector experiences many attacks on a few target companies, large enterprises tend to experience fewer attacks on more targets. The average recovery cost after a data breach for an SMB ranges from $36,000- $50,000. Some industries are also targeted more than others, including businesses in services, manufacturing, retail, finance, insurance, and real estate.

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