A couple of weeks ago, I asked the question: Who made the worst PC ever? The results were loud and clear: Packard-Bell was the landslide winner as Worst PC Company Ever.

That rather begs the question of: Who made the worst PC software ever? Now, for purposes of this poll, I’m going to leave out Apple and Microsoft. Clearly including those two would skew the poll results if only because everyone loves to gang up on both companies. Microsoft is practically everyone’s favorite whipping boy. If Apple turned up in the list, the Microsofties would pull an Operation Chaos and vote Apple out of spite. So, I’ll stipulate to the facts that both Microsoft and Apple have put out bad software from time to time.

That leaves the rest of the bunch. I’ve stated before that Symantec seems to have gone downhill in recent years. Plus, everyone knows that Computer Associates is the place where good software goes to die. Lotus has never regained the glory years of 123, and as for IBM, you don’t need to do anything more than utter the word DisplayWrite. People love to beat up on Oracle and SAP. As for Corel, I think the bloom came off of that rose after they purchased WordPerfect, which long ago became far less than perfect.

So – that leaves it to you. Pick the company you thought was the worst or click Other and sound off in the Comment section: