Go to a horse race, and it’s likely you’ll spend time reading the program before you plunk down your bet. Forget to buy a program? That’s okay. Just put the question to your friend, the handicapper:

“Hey, who’s the winner here?”

Sometimes IT professionals—without a program to tell them what the best training program is—have to talk to their friends to see what their best bet is. We’ll make it even easier for you: Now is your chance to chat with your friends at TechRepublic and share your tips on the best training programs.

Training programs to win, place, and show
Help out your peers by putting a good word in for the program that worked the best for you, and be sure to tell why it worked. Don’t limit your responses to training centers; tell us about your favorite top-notch Web-based and video-based IT programs, too.

We’ll share your comments with the rest of our readers in a few weeks. If you’re a training professional, we ask that you not submit information about the companies you work for. The same goes if you work for a training company’s marketing or public relations staff.
To recommend your favorite training vendor, post a comment below or send us an e-mail .