Why almost half of employed tech pros are looking for a new job

Many employees look for a new job while they are still employed elsewhere, according to a Blind report.

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Nearly half (42%) of tech employees are currently interviewing for a new job, while still being employed, according to a recent Blind report. The report surveyed more than 7,000 tech professionals to determine how many were in the process of looking for new jobs.

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This high percentage of people searching for jobs isn't surprising, as 60% of IT professionals report wanting to quit their jobs. Employees want to leave their jobs for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with management. Some common reasons people look for other jobs are because the company offers unequal opportunities, or the employee feels disconnected, unchallenged, or unrecognized.

The report asked respondents to answer the following statement True or False: I am currently interviewing for a new job. While 42% overall responded True, some 58% responded False. The findings also broke down the responses based on the companies the respondents worked for, revealing the places people are most dissatisfied.

eBay had the highest percentage (59%) of employees searching for other opportunities, the report found; Intel followed with 53%, and Oracle shortly behind at 49%. On the other end of the spectrum was Uber and LinkedIn, who only had 26% and 22% of respondents, respectively, looking for other jobs, the report added.

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