Why Apple's updated 13-inch MacBook Pro is a good choice for business users

The 2020 edition of the smaller MacBook Pro offers more storage and a beefier CPU, but the Magic Keyboard alone is worth the price.

Apple's new MacBook Air and iPad Pro offer intriguing new features for business users

Apple has enhanced its 13-inch MacBook Pro with a few select new features that make the machine more appealing for business users. Announced on Monday, the new 2020 MacBook Pro doubles the storage capacity for the same price, while the more expensive variants are powered with the latest 10th-generation Intel Core processor. However, the biggest improvement comes courtesy of the keyboard. Jettisoning the much-maligned butterfly keyboard, Apple has outfitted the unit with its scissor-based Magic Keyboard. Let's check out the different options.

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Apple sells four editions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro ranging in price from $1,299 to $1,499 to $1,799 to $1,999. Of course, you can tweak each edition with different options for storage, memory, and CPU. Storage capacity has been doubled on each model, varying from 256GB to 1TB. You can bump that up to 2GB for all four and as much as 4TB for the two most expensive models.

The first two editions come with 8GB of memory, though you can increase that to 16GB. The two most expensive ones come with 16GB, and you can boost that to 32GB. The two least expensive models are still using Intel's 8th-generation Core i5 processor. But the two pricier editions include the latest 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.

The biggest improvement, though, is the keyboard. All four models now come with the new Magic Keyboard, a relief to people who disliked the older style butterfly keyboard, which was severely knocked for its poor construction, sluggish responsiveness, and sensitivity to dirt and dust. Responding to the problems and criticism of the older keyboard, Apple has since updated the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 13-inch MacBook Air with the more user-friendly Magic Keyboard.

There are only two real downsides to the 2020 MacBook Pro. The wireless tech is still stuck at Wi-Fi 5, or 802.11ac, instead of the newer Wi-Fi 6. And the camera is still running at 720p.

Based just on the new keyboard, however, the 2020 MacBook Pro is a solid choice for any business user looking to buy a powerful MacBook. The extra storage, greater memory, and faster CPU are all icing on the cake. But even people who have a more recent MacBook Pro and have struggled with the keyboard should consider the newest model.

If the price poses an obstacle, then you may want to consider a new MacBook Air. However, that decision rests on what type of work you need to do. The MacBook Pro has always been considered more of a workhorse over the Air, making it better suited for video and image editing and other CPU-intensive and graphics-intensive processes. For less demanding tasks, the Air will likely suffice, especially because the latest models offer Intel's 10th-generation Core processor.

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Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard.

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