Why blockchain is perfect for building a distributed AI platform

SingularityNET is building the world's first AI as a Service platform. CEO Ben Goertzel explains how it works.

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"The next AI revolution is going to solve these problems: It's going to bring more intelligence, it's going to coordinate and connect many different special AIs together, and it's going to enable AI to be applied for broader benefit," says SingularityNET's CEO Ben Goertzel.

TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with Goertzel to discuss why blockchain technology is perfect for building an open and distributed artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Blockchain gives users the ability to create a decentralized network of AIs where anyone can post their AI online, and their AI can participate in the network, Goertzel said. So when someone needs AI-as-a-Service, they can send out a request to the network and find agents that can do the task they are looking to accomplish.

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The concept of SingularityNET is that it's an open market for AIs. Because AI can do many things, if there is going to be an open market for AIs, there must be a lot of different interfaces to the AIs. And the APIs have to be constantly changing, he explained. Then AI can outsource work to each other, as well as to end users outside of the network.

As AIs share data with each other and make requests, there is a network of AIs doing work for external software applications and websites, but also for each other in complex patterns. "The beauty of blockchain is you can set this up as the purely decentralized protocol," he added.

"The blockchain gives you a lot of different things," Goertzel said. "It lets you create this whole decentralized AI mind that will keep on growing, adjusting data, and creating and delivering value, which is the way that AI should be."

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