Many industries are finding use for AR apps from retail to gaming. TechRepublic spoke to Patric Palm, CEO and co-founder of Favro, to discuss the benefits of developing apps for augmented reality.

Palm:Well, I have to voice the excitement of many of our clients. Our clients use Fiber for their playing collaboration in a much more flow-based way and these collect in a super unknown products, both on the business side and on the development side. One very big group of clients that we have Fiber are AR and VR developers. There’s some are on the platform side, for example Unity and the others, but then we also have really cool companies like, for example, Resolution Games, that are going to come up very soon now with a super cool pirates game.

What I think what excites them a lot is just this feeling that this is the new frontier, they’re first. They are the ones exploring what’s going to be possible. They are going to explore what do people seem to like.

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Let’s say that you are a game developer, if you take that example, and you are in sports and you make FIFA soccer. I mean you kind of know the recipe. FIFA Soccer 18, you kind of know what that’s going to look like. Of course, that’s a super cool game product. As a developer, that’s something which is cool to work on. But, it’s not a new frontier. Versus, if you are someone doing something with AR, this is a whole new frontier.

We’ve come so far, that there’s some really early successes. Pokemon Go was a massive success, and I think this year we have “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” coming out and, personally, I think that’s going to be a massive success. It’s going to push the frontier. That’s going to be like a guide for everyone else. Everyone else is going to think, “Okay, that’s really cool. They were like really breaking into this frontier. They are doing something cool. But we think we can do something totally different but that is going to be equally cool.”

So it a little bit of this whole Wild West. That kind of spirit of craving new stuff and a new environment.

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