“The reason most companies do an initial foray into public cloud is to build something new and exciting,” according to Forrester Research analyst Dave Bartoletti.

TechRepublic’s Conner Forrest met with Bartoletti at the 2017 VMworld conference to discuss why container orchestration is important for cloud-native apps.

Development teams want speed, Bartoletti said. They want the ability to push a button and deploy an application, because that has been their experience in the public cloud. This is leading more and more enterprises to leverage open container-based development platforms, because they take care of things that operations teams would have to build from scratch, such as auto-scaling and rolling updates.

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“What modern container-based platforms on every cloud platform mean is that developers can build once and potentially run everywhere, or build in different locations as time goes on,” Bartoletti said.

Forrester has seen a tremendous growth in enterprise interest around Platform as a Service (Paas), and in many cases around Pivotal, he said. Pivotal has helped companies achieve more continuous delivery, as well as create an automation culture with DevOps.

“The fact that VMware is partnering back up with one of its federation buddies, I think is a great idea,” Bartoletti said. “Pivotal will benefit, and Cloud Foundry customers will benefit from tight integration with NFX, with terrific networking from VMware.”

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